Dog Walking

Waggery on Main will be suspending our dog walking experience indefinitely starting August 15th, 2021

We are committed to hiring only the most reliable, trustworthy dog walkers. We will resume once we are able to hire a quality team of dog walkers and provide you with excellent service.

  • Each family will be introduced to a team of two pet companions, a primary and secondary.  

  • We walk only one family’s pets at a time

  • We walk with recognizable lime green Waggery issued leashes 

  • For additional safety, pets will never be off leash and we will not use extendable leashes

  • Pet Companions will carry Waggery identification and will wear season appropriate Waggery apparel

  • We greet pets with enthusiasm

  • We lead our pets through doors and around corners to ensure there are no unseen threats

  • We do our best to avoid heavy traffic areas

  • We avoid interaction with other pets while walking

  • We pick up after our pets

  • We return them home safely; provide fresh water and a treat

  • We provide pet parents with a text or e-mail that includes a screen shot of the route taken, duration of the walk and a potty update 

Walking Services & Standards


Sometimes our pets just need to indulge with a full body makeover. 


The Waggery is now offering our luxurious Full Grooming Experience!

Please remember to register your pet before booking.

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Spa Services

Signature Bath Experience

Price varies by size.

Under 20 lbs. ($55)

20-39 lbs ($65)

40-59 lbs ($75)

60-79 lbs ($85)

80 lbs or more ($95)

Full Grooming Experience

Price varies by size.

Under 20 lbs. ($65)

20-39 lbs. ($75)

40-59 lbs ($85)

60-79 lbs ($95)

80 lbs or more ($105)

Your pet will experience a relaxing bath and massage with our Mauro Pet Shampoo and Conditioner followed by:

  • a comb out

  • ear cleaning

  • teeth cleaning (if they will allow)

  • nail trim

  • nose and pad balm

  • body mist treatment

For all spa services, your pet will first be greeted in our Very Important Pet (VIP) lounge so that they can become comfortable with their bath attendant.

Your pet will enjoy the complete Signature Bath Experience...


PLUS a face, paws, and fanny trim. 

Puppy Bath Experience   $55

Dogs 5 months and under.

Face, Paws, Fanny Trim   $15

Pet Visits

The Waggery will check in on your cats and make sure they're cozily asleep while you're hard at work.

Please remember to register your pet before booking.

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Pet Visits $20


We will check in on your cat to make sure they are happy and have what they need.


Pet Visits include:

  • fresh water refill

  • food refills

  • litter box clean out

  • their choice of playtime, scratches or cuddles

Dog & Cat Pals